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1,612 followers from ONE thread

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Landed first client in 30 days and got 2 in the pipeline

With just 2 hours per day learning and implementing, @MindFilesMF landed his first client while building his business in spare time.His $10 investment turned into $2200 next month

What if I have 0 followers?


Grew by 1690 followers in 54 days

The first 1k is the most challenging one.Some people spend months (or even years) hitting it. And eventually quit.But it's possible to get couple thousands of followers in 2 months

Can I grow my account faster?


5k followers in 2 weeks

Yes. I grew my second account, Best Ads of All Time by 5k in 2 weeks and by 34k in 2 months to that proove people are overcomplicating it.

What if I already have a business?


Landed a conversation with a 10 figure brand in 2 weeks building in public

Even better.You already have an offer. Twitter will become your traffic.You will build connections and leverage to scale.

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